Our Journey


The program was established in 2012 with only a few brave athletes willing to accept the powerlifting challenge plus with the commitment of Coach Garcia purchasing equipment from his personal funds because he appreciated and valued the importance of a Powerlifting program.

Fast forward to 2018, the program has served over 300 outstanding student athletes. This powerhouse program is recognized on local, state, national and international levels.



  • Over $2.0 million in scholarships – Student athletes have also excelled in the classroom to help create opportunities for higher education by earning nearly
  • Class of 2018 – Six student athletes have already received full scholarships to further their education.
  • World Bench Press Competition (Japan 2019)- 1 World Champion and 2 Sliver Medals
  • World Bench Press Competition-(South Africa 2018) – 3 Female World Champions
  • Records Set – Over 500 Powerlifting USA American Records/State of TX Record Holders/Regional Records/AAU Jr. Olympics
  • District – 64 All-District Selections, #1 Girls Powerlifting Program in Nation 3A, 5 District Championship Teams
  • Regional Results – Over 100 Regional Qualifiers, 20 Regional Champion, 3 Regional Championship Team, 10 Regional Appearances by Sport
  • State Results – 50 State Qualifiers and 25 State Medalists, 3 Girls State Champions, 1 Girls Team State Champion- Powerlifting, 8 State Appearances by Sport, 3 Dual-Sport State Appearances by an Athlete
  • National Results – 50 USA National Qualifiers
  • AAU Results –2 AAU Olympic Powerlifting Team Championships

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  • Commitment – Students are committed to exceeding in school, A/B Honor Roll.
  • College Graduates – Every female powerlifter who has received a college scholarship has earned a degree.
  • Ranking – Garcia Elites Inc. Powerlifters athletes are ranked BEST 3A-Powerlifting team on State, National and AAU Jr. Olympic levels. We also get selected every year to represent USA in World Bench Press Competition since 2018.
  • #1 USAPL Teen Division Team 2018-2020